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Lit. 'Turkic Penis', this is a formal Telugu term for a circumcised Muslim Penis. In Andhra-Telingana, the South Asian Muslim Penis is smaller than the standard Telugu Penis but larger than the uncircumcised Brahmin Penis.

This Telugu gradatian in penis size, from the large Black Dravidian Penis to the small Oriental Indian Muslim Penis or Pakistani Penis & the extra-small Brahman Penis is largely based on different racial origins. For, as eminent South Indian sexologist Sudhakar Krishnamurti observes, "In general, the average penis size of Blacks is slightly larger than of Whites, {which} is slightly larger than in Asians." ('Sex is Not a Four-Letter Word' N Delhi: Rupa & Co, 2007, p 11) Hence, us minority Thuraka & Baapanoodu males naturally have small penises, as we genetically cluster with our inbred Central & West Asian ancestors ('Presence of three different paternal lineages among North Indians: a study of 560 Y chromosomes' Z Zhao et al. Ann Hum Biol 36.1 {Jan-Feb 2009} 46-59.

In contrast, the majority Non-Brahmin 'Tri-Lingas' have large penises as they are genetically closer to their Negroid forefathers: "The caste populations of Andhra Pradesh cluster more often with Africans than with Asians or Europeans. This is suggestive of admixture with African populations." ('mtDNA variation in caste populations of Andhra Pradesh, India' M Bamshad et al. Hum Biol 68.1 {Feb 1996} 1-28)
1) Bombay Boy: Tabu Hashmi is the best South Asian Muslim actress! But you Paki Boys suffer from Pakistani Micropenis Syndrome because of Islamic inbreeding. That's why she went for Nagarjuna Rao, a TELUGU DRAVIDIAN man, as they are famous for large penis size! ('Re: Tabu Hashmi prefers big Telugu Lingamu instead of small Thuraka Lingamu' Bollywood Forums, 17 Feb 2011)

2) Telugu Boy: You South Asian Muslim boys have small Asian Pakidick because you are of Oriental Irano-Semitic descent. But us Telugu men have big black Niggerdick because we are of Afro-Dravidian origin. That's why the best of your Ummah sisters all go for SOUTH INDIAN men: Tabu Hashmi, Khushboo Khan, Shakeela Khatoon & Jyothika Sadanah all have TELUGU or TAMIL boyfriends & husbands.' - 'Paki Girls prefer Dravidian Dick' Topix 19 Dec 2007.

3) Black Andhra Woman: I've seen Paki Porn & can't believe it! Thuraka Lingamu is almost as small as Baapanoodu Lingamu (Brahmin Penis)! Asian Paki Dick is only good for arse-fucking! No wonder three-quarters of all South Asian Muslim men are homosexual! ('Big Black Andhra Penis vs Puny Pink Paki Penis' Vishal Andhra Forum, 4 Nov 2005)

4) South Asian Muslim Boy: All our Paki Girls have Telugu yaars (lovers) just like Tabu Hashmi, because they want big black Telugu Lingamu instead of small pink Thuraka Lingamu. So us Andhra Paki Boys must compensate by taking Baapanoodu girls. - 'Why Paki Boys go for Brahmin Girls' Telingana Forum, 22 Sep 2005.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza October 12, 2012
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