An Object Which Has Been Kicked/Hit/Moved With Very High Pace And Sheer Power
'Kyle has a penalty'
'As he approaches the ball Sam Whispers in his ear "ThunderCunt"

Kyle ran up to the ball, He Shouted


He smashed it top right corner,
"The Keeper had no chance of saving that ThunderCunt" Screamed the commentator.
by Thundercunterous June 01, 2016
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1. a megacunt, usually white trash by nature, who needs to learn when to shut her trap 2. an excessively bitchy person, who spends her days making others feel worthless
At a community service project last Friday a Thundercunt came up to her car and bitched, "Who put a wata bottle on mah car?!?".
That thundercunt Dr Bange failed that group because their memo was not stapled.
by katrina evacuee September 25, 2005
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A thunder cunt is when a female has such a large vagina that is slaps against her thigh making a very low frequency sound similar to thunder… it is said that rhinos and elephants can hear it from miles away.
An example of a woman with a thunder cunt would be for instance…
- Rosie O’Donnell
- Monique
- Any woman on the biggest loser
Steve, how could you ever make love to that Thunder Cunt beast?!
by Messy Tessie Torres March 16, 2009
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Adaption of the Derogatory term 'Cunt.' Used in situations where Cunt is not harsh enough.
Meant to cause extreme offense and a great way of releasing frustration and anger orally.

Abbreviation of the term Thundering Cunt.

Verb: Thundercunting.
Stop picking your ass you thundercunt.
Look at him thundercunting around there with no pants on as if he owns the place. He is a major Thundercunt.
by Podge93 July 29, 2013
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A person who's actions and/or personality reflect that of a cunt, but exponentially greater in cunty-ness
Guy 1-Dude, you know Brandi?
Guy 2-I hear she's a bitch.
Guy 1-Not just a bitch, she's a raging thundercunt!
by Alexander the Nate November 11, 2012
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