Someone who puts their family member’s name on a prize ticket to split, but when the ticket is a winner, reneges on the deal and takes said family member to court in hopes of obtaining all of the winnings for themselves.
Both Ty’s and his Aunt’s names were on the million dollar ticket, but his aunt is being a thundercunt and suing him for his share.
by Ace Chaser July 12, 2018
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1) A girl or woman that can't get Enough dick in her.
2) A girl or woman that can't live with out dick in her.
3) A girl or woman that cheats constantly.
4) A girl or woman that craves dick.
1) Miranda is a thunder cunt.
2)You really know who's a thunder cunt, Miranda.
by Miranda Lynn Light March 20, 2016
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For when calling someone a cunt just simply won't do.
When somebody has committed something dickish of such a gargantuan nature, they are a thunder cunt.

Think of someone acting like a cunt and times by approx. 1000. That should give you a rough idea!
Martin has been put in charge again. He's had a pint of power and now he's power pissed and acting like a thunder cunt!

My ex slept with one of my mates to try get back at me. What a thunder cunt!
by bigsalv January 27, 2013
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