A friend or object that you keep close when you are nervous about a certain situation that frightens, or anytime there is a literal thunder storm.
John: Ah! what was that?!
Ted: Thunder, don't worry, I'm here thunder buddy
John: Thunder buddies for life, right?
Ted: You know it
by teddybearseth April 6, 2012
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A friend who comforts you when there is a thunderstorm as seen in Ted
When you hear the sound of thunder don’t you get too scared

Just grab your thunder buddy and say these magic words:
You can’t get me thunder cause you’re just God’s farts!
by Anonymous person..... March 28, 2019
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noun: someone who is always there for you throughout a thunder storm to keep you safe from danger.

referenced in the hit movie "Ted"
Maddy: Oh my gosh it's storming outside! I need my thunder buddy!

Carter: Im on the way Hold tight!
by jattosin July 9, 2012
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Two people are thunder buddies when they have sexual intercourse under their blanket(s) during a loud thunderstorm, so that no one can hear there screams.
Hey, there's a big storm coming in, and I love the ambiance. You want to be thunder buddies?
by MD Quak March 1, 2017
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When your friend unknowingly traps you against a wall or hard surface while pressing their ass against your ass and farting. The essence of the succulent smell transfers to the cloths of the thunder buddy
Kevin trapped Jeff and made me him his thunder buddy!
by THE LOVE CHICKEN July 4, 2014
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4/20. The day where every Colin is gifted with the savoury snack of all original cheddar goldfish to then be absorbed of its sustenance on an especially rainy day.
by Grandrew chalamet April 9, 2022
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