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A woman's breasts. Popularized by The Simpsons on Season 24 Episode 7 " The Day the Earth Stood Cool"
by Spaceghostpurp January 25, 2015
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A thunderous clap of racket created when a hostile vagina is fractured free. This is not to be confused with the yelp of finding out you have the clap.
The house rattled from the thunder bags when our friend, Crusty, took down our cougarita friend.
by kirkddsmd March 01, 2009
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To put ones testicals, taint and anus on someone or something. The next evolution of tea bagging someone.
Josh droped his pants and slamed his balls, taint and ass on Dans face. Dan got hit by a "Thunder Bag"!!!

The reason you have pink eye is because you were the victim of a "Thunder Bagging" rampage!!
by Vegas Flirt October 10, 2009
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