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Also known as Pleasantville, recognizable by the "cookie-cutter" style homes (homes that all look exactly the same). Thousand Oaks is a place where you think you're growing up but you really don't, because its far from the real world. There's an unnecessary number of police in the area for a town where absolutely nothing happens, and the streets die at midnight every friday night because of high schoolers plagueing the streets. The biggest social aspect of T.O? The promenade. 16 year old kids drive around cars nicer than most parents, and the boys think they're tough shit. Don't be swayed by the underage girls although they dress like 30 year old single, unmarriable women. Abercrombie is overused, and parents are overprotective.
He is from Thousand Oaks.
by Ron Lipari February 20, 2005
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