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Thought management is consciously realizing and choosing your thoughts.

Unconscious thought Boo hoo, I have no control over my mind.

Thought Yes, you have them.

Mediation Your really good at letting thought fall into the background.

Disagreements Your thoughts don't match my thoughts and you need to change my thoughts(cause i can't) so I can agree with you.

Victimism I consistently have no thought management what-so-ever but everyone else does they control my life, my pain and sorrow.
Okay, so your pushing some coke. On the one hand you are giving people drugs that are potentially very damaging to their lives, loved one's and subconscious. You could choose to think that you are a horrible person and are a bottom of the barrel criminal. OR. You could choose that you are providing a service and people would get their drugs somewhere else and you provide a high quality. Choosing thoughts is thought management.
by Though Queen. September 29, 2010
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