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Trashy tattoo behind the ear that lets a loose girl tell the world she is open for business. Most commonly a bow, star, or heart.
When the weather got cold and Ciara realized the tramp stamp on her lower back wasn’t always visible enough to send the message that she was a slut, she decided she needed to step her game up and get a thot spot tattoo behind her ear so that everyone would know how trashy she was whether she was fully clothed or not.
by Orangewallaby March 22, 2019
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Similar to a tramp stamp by distinction, this tattoo is located behind the ear, signifying a woman's thot-ness.

These thot spots can sometimes extend down the neck and are usually comprised of stars, birds/wings, important dates or quotes.
Things with Melanie were going really well until she wore her hair up. I saw her thot spot and knew I had to end things.
by slurmchugger September 01, 2016
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A thot hotspot; an area containing a large number of thots gathered together.

This could generally include most nightclubs or bars but the term thotspot should be reserved for places in which the thottery is at maximum.
"Hey man, you want to go to The Supernova tonight?"
"No way man, that place is a total thotspot. Let's go to Tempest instead."
by big meme dealer supreme May 02, 2018
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