Trashy tattoo behind the ear that lets a loose girl tell the world she is open for business. Most commonly a bow, star, or heart.
When the weather got cold and Ciara realized the tramp stamp on her lower back wasn’t always visible enough to send the message that she was a slut, she decided she needed to step her game up and get a thot spot tattoo behind her ear so that everyone would know how trashy she was whether she was fully clothed or not.
by Orangewallaby March 22, 2019
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Similar to a tramp stamp by distinction, this tattoo is located behind the ear, signifying a woman's thot-ness.

These thot spots can sometimes extend down the neck and are usually comprised of stars, birds/wings, important dates or quotes.
Things with Melanie were going really well until she wore her hair up. I saw her thot spot and knew I had to end things.
by slurmchugger February 24, 2016
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The act of 'Spotting a thot'
Raquel: ooh she fire
Thot: wanna run a train on me?
Stephon: thot spot, I'm out
by MFBreadcrumbs January 03, 2015
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A female fisherperson (usually at least moderatly attractive) from the social media world, who uses sex, slander and other forms of devil vagina magic to acquire fishing spots, free/discounted gear and trips she otherwise would not go on herself, usually to boost her ego/Instagram followers.
"Yea bro, I took this chick fishing and got my D S'd in the parking lot of backcast, but the next weekend she was at my favourite spot with some other dude! What a spot thot!
by Tbrotz December 10, 2018
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A name for a hickey when it is upon the skin of a thot.
Wow, did you see the thot spot leighas boyfriend gave her?
by CHooga dooga man September 08, 2017
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