A suburb of Toronto, Ontario. Largely populated by Jews and Chinese. Good place to grow up, but once you hit your teens there is really nothing to do but go to the Promenade, and smoke weed in the parks. Most of the police have dicks up their ass, so don't get your stoner ass caught.
Guy: Bro, its Saturday night, what are we gunna do?
Friend: We live in Thornhill man, and I heard nobody is reaching the mall... let's just go meet up with the stoners at the park and smoke some kush.
by fuzzybluelights December 05, 2010
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A place where girls walk around in Roots sweat pants everyday of the week. Worn with ugg boots & construction socks. Oh and don't forget to have hair that goes down to your ass. Gatta love Thornhill girls!
Hi, I'm from Thornhill and I only wear Roots pants.
by Nicdee January 15, 2011
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A shithole of an area in the Greater Toronto Area with annoying ass japs who chill with their pothead friends either in the westmount park or promenade (mall hogs)
Omg! Look at those Hillers, they're such wannabes of us Sixers but we're way cooler! Haha that's because they live in Thornhill
by Wish to never be a hiller October 22, 2017
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When that one friend is always taking photos and or videos at inappropriate times and uploading to social media to try and cause the person captured embarrassment. Thornhilling can occur anywhere and at anytime, but is usually when the victim is in their most vulnerable state,e.g. Intoxicated
Fruit: "Hey man did you hear that Cohen passed out in the shower last night and he blocked the drain and flooded the whole bathroom"
Simon: "Bro I didn't just hear about it, I saw it online. Aron was up to his old tricks and was Thornhilling him"
Fruit:"Thornhilling is a new kind of low"
by mayeastbeast March 25, 2015
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Thornhill is a former village in Ontario, Canada, directly north of Toronto, and is currently shared by two municipalities, the city of Vaughan having the portion west of Yonge Street and the town of Markham having the eastern portion. It was founded in 1794, and has a large population of Jewish people.
Promenade Mall is located in Thornhill.
by Gennnn January 02, 2006
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To interject yourself into a private conversation between two other people who were not talking to you and one up their story.
Two people privately talking about something.

A third person not involed interrupts and tells a similar situation but how theirs was better.

"Did you just thornhill our conversation?
by dizzlvizzl August 18, 2014
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of or pertaining to being "docked" at Thornhill
Tim had a really good time when he thornhilled terry this weekend
by ignitionlive February 09, 2021
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