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1. The natural, semi-permanent wedgie that rides up when wearing a thong.

2. Giving a wedgie to someone wearing a thong, making their natural wedgie worse.
1. " rockin' that thong!" Said Haley, noticing Lola's whale tail. "No, I just have a thong wedgie." Laughed Lola.

2. "Thong Wedgie!" Screamed Haley as she yanked Lola's whale tail to her bra strap. "You're such a bitch!" Lola yelled on her tippy-toes. "I already have a wedgie!"
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by Girl Talk July 09, 2018
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the worst wedgie in the world! it occurs when one is wearing thongs.
I was walking down the hallway, when i got a thong wedgie that hurt like a mother.
by someonebootyliciousnamedsomeone November 07, 2006
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