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A shitty school that prides itself as 'being a leader in exam results', yet is the 4th worst school in Greenwich for performance.

Several drug dealers, corrupt teachers, fraudsters, & thieves are present in the 'school'. Complain about anything and you get 3 days in internal exclusion. Someone wishes for your dad to die of cancer? Apparently, you started the incident, so into internal exclusion you go.

Food at the school makes a run down chicken shop look like a Gordon Ramsay owned restaurant with 5 Michelin stars. Expect mold, hairs, and uncooked culinary wonders in the canteen, but no, you can't bring in any 'junk' food.

The most famous person to come out this hellhole was the infamous shoe bomber. Yes, a terrorist is this school's finest alumni.

Living in war-torn Baghdad in 2003 for 24 months is much better than going to Talis for 24 seconds.
GTA 5 devs: What should we base Los Santos' problems on this time?
Person 1: Detroit!
Person 2: New York!
Person 3: You ever hear of Thomas Tallis in Kidbrooke, UK?
Devs: Bingo, Person 3! Person 1 & 2, you're fired!
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by GreenwichVault76 August 09, 2019
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Tallis a school full of skets especially in yr 8
"Yoo did that girl from Thomas Tallis give yu uck den like she said"

"Ye it was maud look ima yung buck only yr8"

"Rahhh what yr she in?!"

" my yr looool"

"Mad unoooo"
by Thomas Tallis March 21, 2017
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