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Thomas McKenna may be the most confusing, funny and talented person you will meet. Although his looks are not the best, and his body is not perfect, his manhood does not disappoint. He wins people over with forcefull friendship. Most people find him annoying, although subtly don’t mind his presence every once in a while. He is talented yet modest, he doesn’t want to accept that he is good enough because most people tell him he is insufficient in the first place. He excels in Math, Science and Music. However when it comes to History and Literature he tries hard but doesn’t succeed as much as he would like. Thomas McKenna is seen as annoying to many people, but also seen as a person that will accept them for their differences, he understands that everyone has differences and that it won’t define you, but it also may be the best quality about them. Thomas McKenna struggles with keeping friends because of the annoyingness as formentioned. Other people find him dramatic, yet sometimes wish his hilarious comments were there when they need them. Thomas McKenna is a great listener and can help you with his problems. Overall, it may take a while to finally accept him as a whole, but once you get to know him, he is a great guy, and whoever becomes a friend or more would be lucky to be with him.
“Wow, that Thomas McKenna is a lot to take in but he can be nice
by itsyorboiskinypennis June 04, 2018
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