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Thomas is the greatest boyfriend that anyone could ever ask for. He is the sweetest person and would never leave your side. Thomas is a best friend as well as someone who you can fall in love with instantly. He's not an average guy, he actually cares and listens. Once you have him, you won't ever let him go, you'll want him to be in your arms forever. And if you do, don't let him go, it would be the worst mistake you would ever make. Hutchins, the most badass motherfucker on the face of the planet. He's so fucking awesome, Chuck Norris bows down to him. A master with any weapon and a champion at slaying vag, a Hutchins can drink more alcohol than John Belushi cracked out on cocaine.
Thomas Hutchins is the most badass and loveable person in the world. Noone will be able to measure up to him on any scale
by Slymaximus December 12, 2017
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