An object, person, place, or thing that is being mentioned.
"This new rickroll is really great!"
by FortNiglet69 November 22, 2020
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This is this. This is what u call this. This is what I call this u sit there and talk and call it this instead of something else so now every time u talk to someone call it this.
Look there being a this
by Billy jr. December 25, 2018
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pronoun / ˈt͟his , t͟hΙ™s /

A one-word response following another user's statement or question in an online forum or chat service, e.g., Slack; used to express intense agreement with said user's message--often preceded or replaced by a caret (^).
Thing1: I could really go for some pancakes right now.
Thing2: ^

via giphy
by Dilly36 October 21, 2017
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Another way to read and to write "The".
You can read/write "The" with "Da" or "Thi".
by Alex Plaiser May 07, 2020
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