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A rhetorical question asked, usually on social media, to embarrass them with any online content from their past if they ever contradict themselves or have a very unpopular opinion.
Jake: You’ll never catch me begging a girl to talk to me cause she belongs to the streets!

Ashley: This you? *shows screenshots of Jake proving otherwise*
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by Papacrumpz July 30, 2020
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a satirical question usually made to call out someone who is mocking/making fun of/shaming someone for something they’ve done when they’ve done it in the first place
X: β€œI hate people who wear flannels!”
Y: *shows a picture where X is wearing one* β€œthis you?”
by sapphic_1312 July 31, 2020
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This You? is a catchphrase used on Twitter to call out the hypocrisy of a certain tweet with a screenshot of a past tweet. On April 7th, 2020, one twitter user responded to the tweet "how this dude got more girls than me" by another user with "this you? if so, this is why" and a screenshot of his previous tweets. The reply garnered over 200 likes in two years. On May 24th, the third user used the catchphrase to call out the fourth user for a tweet regarding the coronavirus pandemic.
"lmao, this you?" "Ain't this you?" "this you?"
by stfuhet July 25, 2020
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This you is used when you expose someone or try to make fun of a pic of someone.
Hey Jonathan this you? After you expose him.
by GetSmort October 13, 2020
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