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What non-members of 1337speak subcultures hear when they read 1337.
Non-geek: i <3 dr.j
Geek: Yeah... 5h3 1z t3h 1337 roxx0rz!
Non-geek: uhh ok
Non-geek: I don't even know what we are talking about anymore.
Geek: Did you read 1337 or thirteen thirty-seven?
Non-geek: uhh the second one.
Geek: Oh, well check this out: 1337. The third definition should spell it out for you.
by khanh93 February 17, 2010
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text representation of 1337 or l33T (see also elite)
stan: "man that was fuxxing awexome!"
paul: "ha dude, you're speaking like you're online! how thirteenthirtyseven of you!"
by markyG February 14, 2006
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