Commonly said when one feels the need to drink something. However, 'I'm thirsty', when said to one's significant other, is the code word for 'let's go fuck on a camel!'
Boy: I'm sooo thirsty right now. I need something to drink IMMEDIATELY. In my pants. I mean, no. I'm thirsty. WATER!
Girl: Ohhh I see. I'm pretty thirsty too. Notice any camels near by?
by therealalig July 13, 2006
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Appealing females out on the town and up for a one night stand
The bar was full of fanny, loads of thirsties everywhere.
by Tom Morrison June 26, 2006
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When a girl is so obsessed with what another girls does and she won't leave her alone. What the other girl does doesn't even concern her, and it's not even a big deal but the thirsty girl just won't leave her alone.
If a girl works at a restaurant and has to wear lingerie for a themed week, the thirsty girl is so jealous that she can't dress like that and make money so she bashes her for no reason
by Thatonebtch November 07, 2013
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Desperately wanting affirmation.
Ben is so thirsty, he has texted me almost every day since we hung out.
by i really dont care June 01, 2014
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feeling a need to drink.
"the Guides were hot and thirsty"
synonyms: longing for a drink, in need of a drink, dry, dehydrated; More
(of land or plants) in need of water; dry or parched.
"the earth was dry and thirsty"
synonyms: dry, arid, dried up/out, as dry as a bone, parched, baked, desiccated, waterless, moistureless; raredroughty
"the thirsty soil"
(of an engine, plant, or crop) consuming a lot of fuel or water.
"a huge thirsty 5.3-litre engine"
(of activity, weather, or a time) causing thirst.
"modelling is thirsty work"
having or showing a strong desire for something.
"Joe was as thirsty for scandal as anyone else"
synonyms: eager, hungry, greedy, thirsting, consumed with desire, avid, craving, longing, yearning, lusting, burning, desirous, hankering, itching; informaldying
"his wife was thirsty for power"
im so thirsty, i need a drink
by iugipug May 26, 2015
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Craving the "D" or "V" asf
Girl-Naaaaah,you too thirsty
by hoodtranslater April 10, 2015
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Being desperate for attention especially from the opposite sex. The thirsty person is sexually aroused or in other words, horny.
Random human #1: Damn, you thirsty af.

Random human #2: I'm so thirsty that I'll try to have sex with the next person that approaches me.
by mcnuggetdestroyer November 13, 2017
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