Eager and/or desperate to seek attention via flirtatious methods.
Isaac Castillo was all over that doctor. Yeah he was thirsty AF.
by El Chancho October 31, 2019
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Photos of people that make you thirsty.
Nudes but with more class and elegance.
Jennifer Lawrence sure has a lot of thirsties on her Instagram page.
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by AlphaWriter July 17, 2018
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When a guy or girl, mostly girls at Sulphur High School, crave the attention of the opposite sex with a passion. Signs include this person consecutively liking pictures of you on Facebook, messaging constantly, etc. This feeling is usually not mutual, making it more annoying.
Man, I've got a date for homecoming already and she's still stalking my Facebook. She messaged me to ask if I wanted to go to her after party; she said she doesn't even know who else is going to go yet. She's so thirsty.
by Smashing Beatles October 10, 2013
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1. When a girl wants to have sex.
2. When a girl desires sperm/semen as a beverage.
"When you go to collage, there will be a lot of thirsty girls, you better deliver"

"Hey :) I'm thirsty, can i drink your sperm?"
by Soroush B November 20, 2007
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Term is usually used to describe a female.


1. Loves blow jobs.
2. Very eager to please a member of the opposite sex.
3. Gold digger
4. Sneaky
5. Mouth Slut
Her fiance walked in on her on her knees with another dude. She was thirsty! Gargling it like Listerine.
by ConQuesha November 21, 2013
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A term used mostly by fags. To these fags, "thirsty" means desperate. They know the meaning of this word because the only chicks who actually get with them are thirsty and desperate as hell, and with apparently no standards.
"Hey, that girl is so thirsty desperate ! Reminds me of Taylor's last hook-up."
by Joe joe kowabunga May 14, 2013
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when u smoke alot and become very thirsty.
i smoked so much today that i got the thirsties
by Leiby January 17, 2007
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