When your visibly or verbally showing how much you want a guy or girl.
Geex,maybe he'll come over & talk to you if you stop acting so thirsty!
by collegechick18 June 25, 2010
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Someone who is thirsty for attention and will do sexual favours to get it
"Did you hear she sucked his dick?" "Yeah, she's thirsty"
by 178838285 June 16, 2013
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Wanting someone or something really bad
I am so thirsty for him.
He's thirsty to go clubbing tonight.
by Maya June 20, 2003
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DESPERATE. wanting or needing.
"You're thirsty for some pussy ain't you?" or "GET YO THIRSTY ASS!"
by SEKT January 19, 2006
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Term used to generally refer to a male in need of....water.
" Da Coast this aint the Sahara dessert why you so thirsty?"
by Vieu neg October 16, 2012
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When a person looks at another person with sexual desire. Mostly the expression is made by eye contact or sometimes by force skype sessions.
During the movie The Last Jedi there is an elevator scene were the main characters Rey & Kylo undressed each other with a thirsty stare. Also the Official Star Wars page on twitter confirmed that Kylo Ren was thirsty for Rey.
by RogueOne2019 April 04, 2018
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