Wanting someone or something really bad
I am so thirsty for him.
He's thirsty to go clubbing tonight.
by Maya June 21, 2003
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Term used to generally refer to a male in need of....water.
" Da Coast this aint the Sahara dessert why you so thirsty?"
by Vieu neg October 16, 2012
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to be overly or unecessarily eager for something/to do something
This nigga Micheal is thirsty for steals on the b-ball court
by reset 2009 July 27, 2010
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To be thirsty, is to over actively: investigate, long for, covet, in some occasions intensely staring, or bold displays of desperation.
Jim: "Could you believe the gull of that one chick?"
Matt:" I know! She went above, and beyond to get next to you! She didnt care what anyone would think of he efforts."
Jim: "Yeah... she was so thirsty."
by Dhomahaneek Karrturr May 7, 2012
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Nick Cannon keeps commenting on Eminem’s Instagram and making disses hoping he will get a response- he is being thirsty for Eminem
by Thlyt December 21, 2019
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