A woman who takes pictures of herself in a provocative, or outwardly slutty manner. Often times they'll post them to social media containing multiple hashtags looking for attention. More times than not, these women are named Cristabel.
Did you see that females half naked picture, she's thirsty!
by Stina2004 February 21, 2016
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craves attention. attention seeking whore. tease. a female who is all talk. gets spray tans and over shares information.
Haley is so thirsty. Girl is always getting a spray tan and showing off her broken toenails.
by thirsty gingers March 07, 2017
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The epitome of Desperation is when a girl forcibly per-sue’s a man whilst being aware of the fact he has a girlfriend.

Usually an average looking female with no feminine charm or beauty & teeth that resemble penny-wise the clown.

Willing to open her legs for anyone & asks for your hotel room number without so much as being bought a drink.

Pretends to be a lesbian in order to disguise her whore tendencies & makes empty threats.

Otherwise known as a Lizzie Hubbard
Did you see that Thirsty whore at the work Christmas Party... offering to spread her legs to that taken man?

Yes that’s a Lizzie Hubbard don’t you realise that’s how they behave?! They usually wear shiny clothes & look like a magician... & pretend to be a lesbian!

Ohhh yes! I know! well... I find that level of desperation repulsive as does my partner!

She needs to get some self respect.
by Babestation Hahaha hilarious December 22, 2019
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Thirsty ; noun
To be thirsty, means one is simply just water hungry
Person 1: hey, have you ever been water hungry?

Person 2: you mean thirsty?

Person 1: oh shit bro, yeah

Yes I just used that meme.... Deal with it
by TheEmos_ActualNightmare November 06, 2020
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