it is similar to the actual definition of thirsty but it is more like a need for something.
"i am thirsty for that dick"
by rewr88 April 22, 2018
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Cock thirsty; one who craves cock.
Look at all these thirsty Trump supporters. Slurp, slurp, slurp!
by DeadPrez11 June 04, 2019
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When a female see's something sexually arousing that causes water to leave it's circulating system throughout the body and concentrate in the center of their pelvic region causing dehydration which makes the tounge and throat desire a quenching of the thirst.
Seeing Ryan Reynolds, Denzel Washington, and Ariana Grande working out together on a 95ยฐ beach; many of the group of observing Women became wet below and dry above. Making them thirsty enough to drink the entirety of Lake Michigan.
by FrankenstienFun May 12, 2019
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someone that's very desperate
izzy is so thirsty she's always plugging her cc
via giphy
by whippingonyourgrave November 18, 2018
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An adjective used in describing a girl deliberately fishing for male compliments, attention and likes on their social media.
Person one: Did you see Kayla's new insta post?! She's half naked.

Person two: Yeah, that bitch is thirsty AF!
by lady lauren May 28, 2020
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depiction of when someone is horny and shows it
Since I posted that bikini picture, many dudes are following me. They seem to be pretty thirsty.
by mmwin August 27, 2020
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