When someone is extremely horny and wants to go crazy on their significant other (S/O) or friend with benefits (FwB)
Wow... Who knew Logan could get this thirsty. SOMEONE GET HER S/O OVER HERE STAT TO QUENCH IT!
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by CGTUD December 24, 2016
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thirsty people that always be runnin they mouths, they always wantin attention
That girl right there that was talkin bout my homegurl is a thirsty trick
by Mizz Bubblicious September 06, 2006
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When you say someone's thirsty it doesn't always mean they are wanting liquid to drink. Someone who's thirsty is a snitch for the police or feds because they've been talking so much to the authorities that their mouth has become dry.
You thirsty, cuz a dry snitch keep a dry mouth.
by Masta Mose June 26, 2006
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people who constantly dont have anything(money,food,weed,)and always show up expecting to share or be included in whatever happens to be going on at the time. weather its a cookout, or a session.. no one likes the thirsties, yet we all know several im sure
here comes slim with those dirty ass shorts on again! everytime were about to blaze, or eat! damn i cant stand these thirsties!!
by DOLLFACE QUEEN February 27, 2009
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When a male or female desperately craves the affection and affirmation of multiple members of the opposite sex.
John is trying to get that girl's number too? That's the third one this week. Man, he is thirsty!
by Socratessss June 02, 2015
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