Once a popular term for college students, is now a popular term for women who need one night dedicated to themselves and their friends. A weekly tradition started in Burlington, ON Canada 6 years ago, where girlfriends get together once a week at a different house/location every Thursday, chat, drink and relieve the stresses of the week and daily life. Thirsty Thursday is a tradition that every proud woman and friend should take part in all over the world.
Thirsty Thursdays is also known to most ladies "TT".
Try hosting a TT with your girlfriends, it will become a weekly tradition.
by Lynn Chard February 04, 2010
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the act of having the angriest rabbit sex ever on your brothers bed.
wow we gotta participate in thirsty Thursdays more often.
by shankler May 17, 2007
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Thirsty Thursday’s is where every single human being on earth is aloud to be thirsty for sex.
Dam girl it’s thirsty Thursday, go out and get you some dick!
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by Samayarose December 18, 2019
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Much like “Titty Tuesday” or “Wet Wednesday” when themed selfies can be sent for a fun surprise to a friend or partner, “Thirsty Thursday” is when a selfie or picture is taken while giving a blow job.
Let’s take a Thirsty Thursday photo. Drop your pants.
by DDDDaring August 07, 2019
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