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The act of one refraining to drink water for an extended period of time, until urin is a solid yellow, and shoving ones penis in the mouth of their partner, then urinating until all urin is depleted, in return the partner "gargles" it and transfers the liquid oraly to the original partner. this process is usualy repeated 3-5 times or until most of the urin is swallowed. This is usualy followed by anal sex.
Person 1-Noah and Andy did the thirsty bird yesterday!
Person 2-You mean that thing that Daniel Tosh did with Clint Howard?
Person 1-Yes.
by iiCubaii November 27, 2011
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The act of dunking ones dick into toilet water and pissing in order to avoid making noise.
Jon: So what'd you do when you went for a piss when you were at her place?
Mike: I just did the thirsty bird, works every time.
by Dickt July 22, 2016
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