A sexy photograph or flirty message posted on social media for the intent of causing others to publicly profess their attraction. This is done not to actually respond or satisfy any of this attraction, but to feed the posters ego or need for attention, at the expense of the time, reputation and sexual frustration of those who view the image or reply.
"Hey guys, are these shorts too tight?"
"Screw off with your thirst trap."
by Cycklops October 5, 2015
When you're in quarantine so long that you starting to get hella horny and can't control yourself. First popularized by Rapper, Lil Durby.
Yo, Last night I was in bed tryna sleep and shit, and Suzie got up in my DMs, like "I can't sleep!" "Wish we could hang out right now?" "Can I just come over?"

"I'm like helllll nawww!" She got that COVID Thirst, bruh, She boutta Bursttt!
by billythekid_7 March 25, 2020
A thirst follow is when you follow someone on Tumblr or Twitter just because they're attractive.
I have a new thirst follow. I followed this guy on Tumblr just because his porn blog is hot and so is he, and he followed me back. Should I send him nudes?
by girleatsbook August 17, 2013
An expert in thirstology.
A certified thirstigater.
A person who provokes, instigates, or initiates thirst from the opposite sex but, at the precise point when it seems you must/will have your fill, blocks the quenching of said thirst by a diversion.
That damn H is such a thirst-trapper. She had this dress on, her body was looking nice and she came to my house.. I was just about to bust it wide open and then, somehow, the next thing I knew she was gone..
by ShimmannyCricketsSheDidItAgain December 19, 2012
A thirst responder is someone who follows the firefighters in on a scene of a crime or a crisis with a water bottle and they really hate that hes there. Cause he just squirts all the people in the face that are in peril and the firefighters are like we are trying to save this person. The thirst responder is like "They look thirsty to me" and he like squirts them in the face. The firefighters dont know where he came from but its a sad story when you really go back in time. The poor guy watched someone thirst to death in a building that wasnt on fire. After that he thought anyone who was in trouble is probably thirsty so he carries water and Gatorade around with him. The police just cant catch him cause hes wanted for a lot of things like not being the place where hes supposed to be
by Vadoom335 October 29, 2017
Usually a Sexy Video or Photo of someone posted to turn viewer on, can be fan made. Usually hot but not explicitly smutty. NOT P0RN. Ex: Hips, head jerks, kind of revealing clothing, lip biting or smirking.
Bro, I just spent the last thirty minutes watching (enter person or celeb here) thirst traps.
by dRuNk tAyLoR sWiFt December 9, 2021