Being the object of thirst for many people at one time.
Girl 1: "Ewww." She puts down her phone.
Girl 2: "What?"
Girl 1: "I got so many dick pics today. Its so gross to be thirsted on."
Girl 2: "Bitch, shut up."
by Lady_Knightmare June 8, 2015
The mysterious force that carries a man from 3 to 20 beers.
"Bro, how did we get pissed on a Wednesday night?"

"We got the thirst"

"Oh right, CURSES!"

by The real Mr. Funk April 10, 2008
When Ya'll niggaz don't know what the deal is and you just thirstin for more
"nigga if you act more thirst than you already thirstin, i'mma murk you"
by Nugs May 7, 2003
Millennials created this word. It's used on fort nite and they cry and whine about other people thirsting or thirsting them
These guys are thirsting

Omg help me I'm getting thirsted
by Wiggly bear August 8, 2018
1 : The Art Of Getting Money In A Timely Fashion.
2 : To Have A Strong Desire For Things Of Value.
"Shakles on my ankles and wrist my first chains and now it's work on the menu I thirst cream" - Meek Mill
"I represent the lifestyle of those who thirst cream" - Jay Z
"Before I played the broke game I worked schemes and I ain't trying to play that broke game, I thirst cream." - Beanie Sigel
by Capo Peso December 22, 2014