A term used when playing Fortnite Battle Royale, where a teammate knocks down an opposing player and kills them without giving their team a chance to revive them. Usually done to annoy the opposing team or to loot the player.
Johnny: They’re trying to build up to us, help me out!

Larry: Hold on, I just knocked this guy, he’s about to get thirsted!
by frankie sti January 9, 2018
An epidemic that seems to be spreading fast. Where a male or female does anything for a the opposite sex because they are yearning for attention or sex. Only way to be cured is to get what they are desperately needing. Seems incurable tho..
"Yo, you see how he on her.. the thirst." or "Man he been hitting me up like crazy saying he want me... he is so thirsty (the thirst)"
by trayvillain November 6, 2011
The one hoe (or man-slut) who will do anything to get laid, or even touched, by another. They are THE thirst. It lives within many, but usually, there's one embodiment of the sickness that really wants it. For people of the same gender, the thirst is an embarrassment (because, of course, the thirst gives a blow to the integrity of their gender). For those desired by the thirst, it is a plague. Do not catch the plague! Ignore the thirst!
The Thirst: Unghh, I laid Richard, Tim, and Peter at the hotel! It was sooo amazing!

Normal Girl: Bitch, please! Pipe the fuck down!

Normal Guy: I don't want the thirst! Get yo' STD's and salivating mouth away from me!
by Amaterasu_Wolf July 25, 2013
she's saying im thirst about her and im not thirst for no one.
by killuhh <3 July 21, 2008
what a female or male has for someone; wanting sex and/or oral sex to quench thirst
A man texts a woman, wanting to meet up later.

Woman tells friend, "He's got the thirst girl..."
by Sandslash101 October 3, 2010
To flirt with multiple women/men at the same and have no intention of a real relationship but instead seeking only sexual release from them.
Kris was thirsting for multiple women and made them feel special but he only wanted to have coitus with all of them
by Timmy Burch July 22, 2014
When you get knocked down in apex, fortnite, pubg, etc. and someone is trying to kill you while you are down. This is helpful for them, because your teammates can't revive you and you can't ping or move anywhere. Also they can loot you.
Omg, he downed me, help! He is thirsting!
by gibraltar_sucks June 23, 2019