Someone who is really thirsty all the time. AKA They are really wanting of a girl and/or my sister; hence the thirst. Now this may not make sense to all simpletons, but perhaps a certain one can comprehend what this means.
You are so thirsty for calling my sister four times yesterday.
by mrpiggy123 December 20, 2006
Being unbelievably motivated by an outside stimulus... so much in fact it consumes your entire life!!
Wearing the shoes you just bought at the mall... our of the store you bought it from!!

Calling your girlfreind for more hours than you've spent doing homework the entire semester
by Tyler Durden March 20, 2005
To be an attention seeker, to be eager to get something.
OMG Allyx is so damn thirsty.
by Jdog1396 August 22, 2012
Sis can i have some money,(sister) thirsty much!
by tay30360 December 8, 2016
a man (or woman) who is always seeking nudes/someone to date. The known Thirst God King, Donny Sea, is often a prime example of this.
Man, that dude sure is thirsty for everything with legs!
by GetLowWhenTheWhistleBlow January 26, 2015
A feeling or sense that ur need to drink a type of liquid or fuck.
I have this overwhelming thirst for something.
by jacaboyc June 21, 2018
How Emma Swan and Killian Jones look at each other right before their first kiss in Neverland (and in every scene they share after that).
Emma Swan's thirst for Killian Jones is palpable.
Emma Swan is the only one who can satiate Killian Jones' thirst.
by PinkCheeksCS August 14, 2018