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Terms used to describe the sexual potential of an individual. Origins of the terms date back as far as 2007 as a sign of appreciation of the attractivness of certain people, beginning with the phrase "Wow, just to THINK... the amount of women he's had...".

Recent complications and celebrity culture has fogged the definitions of each, but a rough guide is that a Think is usually an individual who would gain many sexual partners within their local area, usually for being particularly handsome or wealthy. Next level is a Thank, usually a minor celebrity who generates a medium level of fame within their country due to exposure from tabloid newspapers. A reality TV contestant is usually considered a small Thank, whereas a mildly-exposed professional sports person is regarded as a high Thank.
Finally is a Thonk, a highly-acclaimed term used only for those with Worldwide appeal i.e. George Clooney, David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, etc. A-list individuals who would get pretty much any member of the opposite (and same for that matter) sex in any counrty in the world they visited. These select few could literally click their fingers at the opposite sex and order "Come here now you fucking twat cunt and suck my cock NOW!", and the person would happily oblige. It is not necessary for these people to be amazingly good looking; people with extremely high distinction in their fields are lauded as Thonks, eg. Dame Judi Dench, George W. Bush, Professor Robert Winston, Jackie Chan, and Donald Trump.
"See how that white girl looked at that DJ at our local club? He's definitely a Think."

"Man, I wanna go on Big Brother, I'd become a Thank and fuck bare buff bitches."

"David Beckham is TOO killer handsome. See how he got to that Japanese airport and all those gorgeous Japanese women were fighting to get to him and trying to rip his clothes off. He's too much of a Thonk. He would draw any gash he wanted."

"Is he a Think, Thank, Thonk?"
by George Payne April 10, 2008
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