Used when someone says something that, in the hands of someone with a dirty mind, can sound sexual.
"Pound it!"
"Think about it!"
by ITS FUCKING ME YOU BITCHES! February 20, 2010
when a girl or young woman ponders losing her virginity
Becky got some birth control pills from the free clinic, but she was only thinking about it.
by h thurber December 13, 2004
to be thinking about having sex with someone or thinking of a sexual position place or thing
Bro You remember when she grabbed my boner on accident

Your still thinking about it aren't you
by Inner clockwork October 15, 2019
A way of saying 'No' without disappointing the person you're talking to.This phrase is used mostly by parents ,and girls.
Guy 1 :Hey, I kinda like you, will you go out with me?
Girl 1 :I'll think about it.

Son 1 : Dad, Can I get an iPad?
Dad 1 : I won't get it for you now ,but I'll think about it.

Guy 1 : Can you accept my definition I'll think about it.
by Asmar January 26, 2011
A phrase one says before espousing a large amount of bullshit.
If you think about it, the Earth is flat because nobody has ever been to space - NASA just projects holograms in the sky for us to look at.
by July 16, 2021