Thick thighs save lives is a term popularized by various anime Memes typically in support of peoples favorite Waifu use who have no boobs or ass but have a nice thick thighs
Rin Tohsaka May have small tits but her Thick Thighs Save Lives
by HippyDippyKippy October 25, 2020
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A religion consisting of virgin men where the fat in women's thighs is treated as a sacred item. Worship is done over the praise of waifus, as well as through religious wars against "Oppai is truth" (Big boobs) and "Flat is justice" (Flat Boobs) fought over the internet.
- "So who's your waifu?"
- "Rikka from Gridman, Thick thighs save lives man."
-"You chose the girl you adore based on the fat in her body?"
-"Bro same"
by ThatOneCharmingGuy August 29, 2020
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A body positive term claiming larger thighs inclusively as worthy of admiration for aesthetic, strength, and sassy, in your face, sexiness.
Man these thick thighs save lives today, I had both my sick babies running fevers curled up on my lap.
by SteinemG August 22, 2020
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Something people with thick thighs say to attempt to reassure themselves that they don't just have fat thighs.
Some thiccy: I'm so insecure about my fat thighs

Another thiccy: girl, thick thighs save lives
by Moonlight___x August 3, 2019
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