A common way for Women to Mind-Control men into fucking them, Usually from rubbing against a man's Thighs or simply sitting so closely you can see she giving him the "Wassup" Motions.
"She used her Thicc Thighs against me last night, I could not resist."
by Robert Bumaro March 23, 2019
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THICC thighs are bigger then my future and your future don’t deny it we both know it
Those THICC thighs are bigger then my future🥵
by Yoongi is hot June 13, 2020
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When someone goes and squeezes a thicc girls thigh
Oooo she thicc. *runs and squeeze thigh and says Thicc Thigh Thursday!* almost like slap ass friday
by LilCeCe1234 January 12, 2017
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the best type of boy. they do not skip leg day. big ass quads. thicc thighed boys are often big and tall in general. they do not bore others talking excessively about the weight room because they are aware that no one gives a flying shit. may be spotted walking with a limp or icing a different part of their body. can also usually be identified by their spotify play lists which are always good asf.
i’m only a simp for thicc thighed boys.

i just need me a thicc thighed boy to take away the pain.
by inevermisswithdefinitions June 11, 2021
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person one: yo May got dem Double Thicc Thighs tho
person two: yea i'd hit that
by JamesTheWifu#0709;) November 11, 2020
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a person with thicc thighs that fuckboys simp over
my sister has thicc thighs
by Virginated Spookz June 12, 2021
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