intellectual-approved hazing
Every single rando: How's your thesis going?
Me (eye bags for days, emotionally unstable, unshaven, etc.): . . .

Me (two weeks till thesis deadline): **starts crying, laughing, snort-laughing coffee in class**
Classmate 1: What the fuck is going on with hannah?!
Classmate 2: Must be the thesis. . .
by zamipower May 05, 2019
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Your view of life or identity of self. Typically used to discount a self-absorbed person.
"Please son, my thesis will rip your crew to pieces."
-- J5
by Pedro the spicy August 29, 2005
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That dumbass is being totally being thesis

After that dude got his ass beat at the party, he totally thesis'ed out.

So this chick was all over peter the other night and she asked him back to her place, he declined and went home and played gamecube instead, man only fag would thesis out like that.
by flux February 13, 2004
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the act of a person being a homo that sings the robin byrd song and trying to piss a guy off
Youse guys are straight thesises

Man 1: Yo how was that robin byrd show dick?
Man 2: Shut Up you damn thesis go fuck a freezer
by "Name Here" April 28, 2004
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