Short for therianthrope. Generally used so you don't have to type out the aforementioned long word.
I am a feline therian, and my specific phenotype is leopard.
by Quil | July 6, 2004
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Therians are people who identify who identify with earthly animals. Short for therianthrope, which means animal human. therians are basically furries
gavin: im a therian
natz: oh so you’re a furry
by road_hooker September 29, 2019
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Someone who has a connection to wolves on nearly a spiritual level and/or someone who believes they have the spirit/soul of a wolf.
by Silaswoofer April 25, 2017
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A really cool therian who deserves no hate ever. Ily<3
Yo greywolf..therian is so slay
“So slay”
by Peepoobaby May 17, 2022
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Pan-therian: A single therianthrope who has two or more theriotypes/phenotypes.
I am a therian who has two theriotypes (a wolf and a crow) so I am a pan-therian
by Wolfram Sandalius April 7, 2011
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Therian culture is the culture or legacy created by therians and/or otherkin.

Part of Therian culture is wearing and collecting taxidermy not every therian does this but a lot do

Some wear taxidermy and some wear replicas made of faux fur

Some more primal therians may wear pelts of foxs, coyotes And even wolves
My culture is Therian culture

Their culture is Therian culture

Why do you wear that? Oh it’s a part of my culture
by Alpha therian May 1, 2021
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