Theo is the best Pearson in the world and so much better then luca
Omg, did you see theo, he is the most awesome guy in the world. So much better then luca a zain
by Luca yathat November 23, 2021
Theo is a super ultra mega supreme ruler of cutness
by RaccoonsAreCute May 25, 2021
Theo is a person with more leg then upper body, A shit australian accent, and gives a 1 million mile stare. A Theo also has emo hair, and only has baggy clothes.
Guy - Damm that person looks wierd.

Other guy - He must be a Theo.
by SUUUUUUIIIIIIIII November 23, 2022
(Theo Saunders)
Gay nigga who is a sex slave, rapes kids, women beater and gay
Jaycob- “Theo Cold War is ass
Theo- “I wanna suck your ass”

Definition of Theo Saunders is gay
by Theodore_is_gay December 25, 2020
A big creamy man, with a small penis. he is very talented and good at school. He is very unathletic and bad at basektball.
by Jonathan Busting March 3, 2022