The stereotype of a Theatre person would be someone who wears all black, wears tons of make-up, and who drinks coffee everyday. They always attend Drama Club with friends and can actually act. Are popular in Drama Club but not really in school.
Normie: Did you see that lead in the play? I always see him wearing black with a Starbucks cup in his hand.

Normie 2: Such a theatre boy. Must be part of the theatre people.
by Aly Montgomery February 8, 2007
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Self-absorbed and generally loathed group of people. Care only for drama and themselves, and often ignore the needs of others especially if it means they may have to do work.

Are known to steal jokes and ideas and claim them as their own.
A: Why is he singing in the halls? I'm trying to take a test!

B: Theatre people, what can you do?

C: For real...
by WirbelWind June 1, 2004
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