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Anyone who is not on stage for a community theater presentation. Some people applaud out of respect and some people applaud because they get to stand up and avoid the blood clot that is forming in their legs from sitting in the uncomfortable seats.
Theater of Pain

I had to sit through a community theater version of Les Misérables and I was Les Misérable. It made me ache for a strip club and a casino.

I was at a theater presentation of Les Misérable and I wanted to go to Bingo.

I'm so happy my grandson was part of the Chain Gang in Les Misérable. His real life has been very Chain Gang since he got out of prison and when he's not doing time at the Chain Gang he likes to talk about Gang Banging. I've looked that up and have had to discern from two possible definitions.
by quintincrisp July 04, 2011
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