A must see amazing movie that is also well deserved voted the #1 movie of all time according to IMDB.com
Bob: Did you see the Dark Knight?
Joe: No not yet
Bob: Go see it man it's amazzzinggg
by Meisterman917322 July 26, 2008
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Definitely the best Batman movie ever, had a great story and great writing, and a joker who really served the character in the comic books well.

The one thing I would change if I could would be to go ahead and show the graphic bits and let it be R-rated. I think the MPAA tripped this movie up, like they trip up every action movie that wants to stay in the PG-13 slot.
After seeing The Dark Knight I asked everyone, "Why so serious?"
by The_WORDS July 21, 2008
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Pretty much the best movie out to date. It is the sequal to Batman Begins which is also a really awesome movie. The Joker, Heath Leder, pretty much makes the movie. GO SEE IT NOW!!!
The Dark Knight is pretty much my new favorite movie.

Why so serious?
by underthebridge0010 July 28, 2008
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A movie that I watched three times because it was too awesome, two normal screenings and once in IMAX.

IMAX was the best experience.
I even downloaded The Dark Knight cam torrent just so I can watch it again.
by Watcher of The Dark Knight August 11, 2008
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1. A common nickname for Batman. The Caped Crusader is another popular nickname.

2. A highly critically acclaimed adaption of the Batman comic books that is mostly based on "The Killing Joke" and "Batman: The Long Halloween". It is also serves as a sequal to the successful "Batman Begins" and is the darkest and most realistic take on Batman to date.
Poseur (before the movie was released): Who is The Joker?

Smart Person: The Dark Knight was a great movie but it can't compare to the comics.
by joey1214 February 02, 2009
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Denotes something that exhibits an outstanding excellence in its field, a kind that will be difficult for others to top.
"This is The Dark Knight of comedies, man."
by spaceworlder September 23, 2008
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