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An amazing 3 piece from Liverpool.
Band members:Matthew Murphy(vocals,guitar,keyboards)
Dan Haggis(Drummer)
Tord Overland-Knudsen(bass, additional vocals)
Tord is originally from Norway :
Murph-the dog
Tord-the fox
Dan-The rat
and cherub the wombat x
Genre: Indie, pop punk, alternative

Songs by The Wombats include: Backfire at the disco, Lets dance to Joy division, Kill the director, Moving to New- York, Sunday TV.
You can dance to their music :D

I went to see The Wombats in liverpool last night, they rocked lolz :D
by NuRaveGirl September 15, 2007
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The act of pushing back the foreskin of an uncircumcized penis and throwing said dick into the belly button of a larger proportioned woman, as if you are rereleasing an animal back into the wild.
I made an amateur porn the other night in my bedroom with sarah and did the wombat...too bad man vs. wild is already a show title.
by Mike Carini March 23, 2009
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A Fat ugly Creature.
The kingstone school is home to this disgusting creature. It would do anything for food
"dont get in the way of the wombat and its food"
by fr00tsh00t January 23, 2009
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A stage move in which a singer thrusts forth his arm before punching the ground with his or her microphone, utilized primarily by Ssaturn Ypsilanti of world-famous musical outfit Bloody Newborn. Recently, however, many famous people have been stealing the wombat.
Naive Child: I saw Matt Shadows do the wombat last night, it was amazing and innovative.

Informed Child: You fool! That move was created by Ssaturn Ypsilanti!
by Marcus Lynzowski April 04, 2007
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