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Way of the Ninjurai; Ninjurai are sworn to protect. Treason is punishable by death of family, then the traitor him/herself. Do not lie, cheat, or steal. If you must cheat, cheat death. If you must steal, steal back what was taken from you.If you must lie, then lie in the arms of whom you love. Ninjurai will help those of whom in need and will not work for pay. Gifts are taken if only insisted upon. Apprentices of Ninjurai shall not take part in any life-or-death battle between whomever.Apprentices are graduated to full fledged ninjurai after showing acts of justice, bravery, diligence, skill in elemental force, skill in physical strength, mental intelligence, concentration, etc., to his/her master. Leaders of Ninjurai are elected by fellow ninjurai members.Ninjurai are to follow reasonable orders commanded by elected leader. A new leader of the Ninjurai will be selected when current leader results in death, no longer a ninjurai, quits his/her post, or when ninjurai vote in wanting a new elected leader. Ninjurai will always prioritize somebodys cry for needs before their own personal matters. Becoming a ninjurai is open to anybody with good intentions. anyone wanting to become a Ninjurai will be put through trials and persecution must be put through an initiation test before becoming a ninjurai apprentice, nontheless ninjurai.

(c) Allen Papa
to become a ninjurai, you must follow The way of the ninjurai/ Ninjurai Kiyaku
by Youjinyari December 14, 2007
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