The place to go when you want some good waffles at an economical price. Also a good late-night place.
That Waffle House down on 27 got a low health score, like a friggin 75.
by It's raw January 11, 2017
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A dinning establishment that doubles as a shooting range
“Hey want to go to the Waffle House
Nah nigga I don’t want to get shot
by Tf-A-pseudonym April 24, 2018
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A kick ass 24 hour place to get waffles. Popular in the dirty south
It's 3 am and I gots the munchies, lets hit the waffle house
by DinkMkr March 8, 2003
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The only reason to go to disney world. An exact opposite of the magic kingdom and a lot more enjoyable.
If we aren't stopping at every Waffle house, on the way you can forget the magic kingdom .
by yorkie stomper July 11, 2008
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sketchy sketchy restuarant that is defined by it's sketchiness. has a certain culture about it: "great" coffee, hasbrowns scattered and smothered, and the classic waffle. frequently visited in the middle of the night by drunk and/or high college students.
"What is there to do at 2 am around here? Let's go to Waffle House!"
by The President April 5, 2005
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1. a 24-hour dive with underpaid waitresses, classically bad juke box music, bathrooms a la truckstop, and food that no respectable arteries woulc bear.
2. the only place to go-- besides Wal-Mart-- after 11pm in Arkadelphia, Arkansas and similiar ends of the world
Waffle House coffee is crack in motor oil form.
by medaeval December 26, 2003
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