The Tugboat consists of a Lead Metal Pipe, some barb-wire and possibly a few matchbox cars. first, you take the pipe, and you violently shove the pipe down someones anus(rectum) and then ravel the barb-wire into the pipe, now if you have matchbox cars, you can shoot them down the pipe and have a crash landing. other than that, while the barb-wire is inserted through the pipe and the rectum, TUG the pipe out, leaving the barbwire and cars trapped in the asshole. the barb-wire will hurt like a bitch, so use this as a violent torture method.
hey john, you know that nigger that started problems with me at the welfare office the other day? well me and tom gave that nigger the tugboat nd he wont shit right for a week!
by tugboats508 April 01, 2009
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