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A mythical creature slayed in th 1700s by the Cahokia Indians in Missouri. The snarlax was buried face down in a India burial ground in st.louis. A hospital was later erected on the burial ground. It is rumored that on the 200 year anniversary of his death on a full moon he will possess children who are born on the 4th wing of the hospital and pass his magical powers to them attempting to kill all Indians and avenge his death. There had also been reports of strange happenings on full moons in the hospital. Three children where taken into protective custody on the 200 year anniversary in 1987. 1 child nathanial spencer commited suicide at age 3 in Hawthorne research facility for gifted children. The second child magan sprinkles died in a controversial experiment it is unclear what happend exactly. The third child is rumored to have escaped st.reed medical faculty in Canada in 1988 after a gunfight broke out at a routine catscan. His name and wareabouts are unknown. He is rumored to have magical powers.
The snarlax is dead
by Snarlax truth June 08, 2013
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