That giant blue thing above your head dumbass
The sky is really pretty today.
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The occasionally blue thing above your head that can't be touched no matter how hard you try.
Me: "Damn. Missed it again..."

by admiralcrunch January 3, 2009
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Who DAHECC names their daughter after that blue thing surrounding us all everyday?
Who's the sussy baka above that claims the sky is blue? Did he/she/they/it gone outside in the past 10 years at all?! The sky is pretty much perma-grey nowadays.
by EpicScientician November 15, 2021
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Verb. 'To sky it'.

Pouring a liquid out of a bottle or container in order for it to not touch your lips. A useless method of not passing germs from person to person, usually done among children.
Person 1: "I'm thirsty, can I have some of your water?"

Person 2: "I would, but I don't want your germs."

Person 1: "Don't worry, I'll sky it."
by Patchoolible April 4, 2013
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Dimples u cant resist very friendly she has a attitude that will give u goosebumps she will make friends with u in a second likes to be single and says eww to the guys she doesn't like her hair is beautiful she's not one of those rainy clouds she is one of those who will make your day!-love ir Gurl-friend Karina 💕
Bright-She will make your whole day and Sky is very gorgeous
by Katrina💕 January 31, 2018
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"I'm so skyyed right now that i don't even think i can drive"
by mainframe November 1, 2003
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Used when someone wants some of your drink, and you don't want their filthly lips to touch the rim of the can.
Can i have some of your coke dude?

Yeah, but sky it man! SKY IT!
by zipwolf June 27, 2006
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