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Similar to The neck but in this version instead of slapping your own or someone else's neck, you gently rub their shoulder. ( This method is used by pansies and the weak) Doing The shoulder will result in you losing your man or womanhood. In other words, DON'T FUCKING DO IT YOU PUSSIES!
1. Nikhil decided that The neck from Angel hurt too much so he created The shoulder.
2. Carlos jumped on Nikhil's the shoulder bandwagon and thus became a bitch.
by RickDaHylianWarrior December 24, 2013
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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a shrug; raised shoulders in response to someone

essentially meaning:
1. I don't know
2. I can't help you
3. You're fucked
4. I don't give a fuck about your problem
Me: Northwest Airlines totally screwed me by losing my luggage. After waiting for an hour, their customer service just gave me the shoulders instead of any assistance or freebies in apology.

Mike: She gave you the shoulders? Wow, she pretty much told you to go fuck yourself!
by sick66 January 06, 2011
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