Juicy thick ass that sticks out nicely at the back (visibly protruding from a side view)
by VeryVisionary July 21, 2023
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A big, jiggly ass. a big butt is cake, but pound cake, is a big, Shapley, nice butt.
"I'm so embarrassed, I wore athletic leggings today, and people called me pound cake when I walked up the stairs"
by educatedloserrrr November 1, 2016
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Straight slammin' it... take dat lil kid.
Pounding Cakes- "I got that bitch filthy drunk and pounded them cakes"
by MC Plan B April 11, 2007
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Another word for a woman who would typically be referred to as a whore. Use of this word derives from the overkill of the word "whore."
Background information: Women love being referred to desserts. If you call a woman a pound cake to her face, she will think it is sweet while you are just calling her a whore. See example.
Use of whore:
Boy: {Insert Girl's Name}, you're a WHORE!
Girl: (Gasp!) I AM NOT!!!! {slaps Boy across face}

Use of pound cake:
Boy: {Insert Girl's Name}, you're such a pound cake.
Girl: Awww, {Insert Boy's Name}, you're so sweet {commence smile and hug followed by later actions}
by SxE JFB March 7, 2013
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A euphemism for sex.
CALLIE: Wow, so you and Teddy ate pound cake together?
MARK: You’re changing the subject.
CALLIE: You like how I did that? So, how was it?
MARK: Mind-blowing. I pounded her cake, she pounded mine. Excellent pound caking.
by RentheadGleek April 15, 2011
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A great dessert that you can eat at anytime of the day. If you do not like pound cake than you don't know what amazing tastes like.
Kid: Want some pound cake?
Other Kid: No.
Kid: Your kidding right?
Other Kid: No, I hate it.
Kid: Die!
(Gunshots fired)
by sonourus almond May 27, 2009
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Crude reference to the anus, usually indicating its readiness for intercourse.
"After I got done rubbing down brittany I took a feel down stairs and saw that the pound cake was ready."
by Psycho Miko May 3, 2006
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