See also: "Eternal Suffering"

The place I used to work at.

A shitty pizza place in the local Mayfield Heights Ohio area. It's expensive as fuck for shitty food, as well as salads which people wanna get even though they're going to a fucking pizza place. The employees all seem to have their lives in a shitshow and are all on a fast track to hell.

The food can be decent or disgusting and that's it. An easy employment to get since they're always extremely underemployed, especially if you want to hate your life, cause you'll get hired from showing up to the interview and immediately start getting overwhelmed. Working there is hell. Your coworkers don't help with shit and will lie to try to lay their work on you, and call off last minute so you have to work more cause you didn't want to die enough already.

You can expect to be extremely overworked even if no one ever comes into the fucking resturaunt. And no matter what time your shift ends at, you can expect to get out 2-4 hours later plus your 30 minute to 1 hour clean up time, cause fuck you.

Overall a crap place. Don't work here if you wanna enjoy your job or life.
Jim: "Hey, I'm looking for a job that will easily hire me, pay me minimal wages, and overall really just make me wanna kill myself."
Carl: "Oh, well have you applied to Master Pizza?"
Jim: "You think they can meet those requirements?"
Carl: "Of course! It's such a shitty place that your expectations will instantly be met, plus way more stuff to make you wanna die!"

Sindy: " Hey I'm really hungry, can we get some food?"
Bob: "Sure. What are you in the mood for?"
Sindy: "I'm really in the mood for shitty pizza. But I'm not sure we have any shitty pizza places in our area."
Bob: "I know! We can get Master Pizza!" They make crap pizza that you'll hate."
Sindy: "That's a wonderful idea!"
by Le_Doctor_ November 12, 2017
When one orders a pizza, and lays the warm box on their chest as they eat it; keeping them warm in the process...
I'm going to go home and watch netfix and lay under my pizza blanket.
by Socks and box April 3, 2016
Any instance of eating a whole Home Run Inn pizza with your boyfriend and then proceeding to "plow" afterwards.
by Pizza Plow Master March 9, 2018
The most heavenly concoction of bagel and sauce and cheese and oregano that hides your crazy and gets you dates.
Bring a surplus of pizza bagels to those who are not pregnant and leave with a significant other.
by Fitxzie February 13, 2018
when a guy puts cheese and sauce on his dick and gives anal to a girl. the cheese and sauce get stuck in the girls ass, and the guy eats the girls ass afterwords with the cheese and sauce.
Brian: “Hey babe, can we try a New York Pizza Pocket tonight”?

Heather: “I gotta bleach my asshole, Timmy gave me a New York Pizza Pocket last night”
by rubberduckie28 March 30, 2022
When you eat so much pizza your belly button grows a smiley face
by Cody5050 February 13, 2022