A perfect couple is made of people that are automatically attracted to each other.Looking at the definition of the names Dylan and Tevia they would make an automatic attraction.Dylan and Seinna is not something that would work. Seinna has the great first impression but in the end will be your worst nightmare. If your names matches then find a person with the other name and attempt to date them. Tevia is a kind and amazing person so she could make a perfect couple with anyone but the example names work even better together.
A couple (two people in a relationship) that is ultimately perfect and without flaw. A perfect couple are two people that love each other very much and support each other in everything they do. Even if relationships can be hard sometimes they still make it through and will always love each other.
Person 1: Wow, Kali and Neil are so amazing!

Person 2: I know right! They're the perfect couple. They are so cute together.

Person 1: I know I wish I had a relationship like that!
by TheCanadianHudson February 9, 2019