The best possible pair of people to be together. They can't stop thinking about each other and are meant to be together. They make each other more happy than anything else. Every other couple is jealous of them.
Ziad and Engy are a perfect couple.
by xeyaad July 29, 2014
Niccy and Matthew. Easily the most perfect couple ever. You can only dream to have a relationship like theirs. They love each other with every fiber of their being. These two will be together forever.
Goddamn I wish I had a relationship like theirs. They're the perfect couple.
by niccyandmatt4ever June 27, 2009
usually people who start with either a M or a R. always smile. laugh. smoke. and eat. they love each other.
the perfect couple thinks love is seaking the greater good in the other person
by afioanwdk asjdfnsoiad August 8, 2009
Living in the same neighbrohood. Hanging out everyday. Like Alex and Madison. When the girl is obsessed with the boy like madison is. Loving eachother forever no matter what.
by alex10101 October 26, 2009
Its a couple but not couple who are together but not. Two soul mates but not meant to be together Best Function as friends.
Webqd and Wefaqes are perfect Twin Flame Couple. Too bad they aint together.
by Webqd July 23, 2022
A relationship between two people (like Anya and Jevro), that is amazing and just perfection (like Anya and Jevro).
3 meals a day? More like 3 fucks a day, those are perfect couple goals!
by Janya shipper March 16, 2021
This couple is everyone’s dream relationship. They were made for each other. The perfect couple will do almost anything for each other, and they are known around town for being together. Protect this relationship at all costs, because they are hard to come by!
Allison and Jared are literally, the perfect couple.

Matthew is the third-wheel of the perfect couple.
by foreveralone;( February 12, 2020