guy#1: Hey, where were you?

guy#2: I was pooping in the oval office !!
by Amsh March 18, 2012
A code name by the FBI meaning The President is having sex leave him the fuck alone.
The inauguration is just one big marathon to get to The Oval Office to take care of real business.
by c-hat-e January 22, 2013
Where a group of menaces gather during certain occurrences to “hotbox” ones car.
Hey you got a cart? Let’s go Oval Office after school!
by DeezNuts12378 April 26, 2022
All United States president’s coming together to sit on my face for one glorious afternoon
Come here Joe! Come complete the Oval Office!
by Swaggy872 October 26, 2022
The toilet. This word is usually associated with excessive vomiting due to massive intake of alcohol, a hangover, or projectile diarrhea
Jimmy totally dominated the oval office after 18 beers and $25 worth of Taco Bell.
by Griffin Reed January 16, 2008